Four Reasons to Hire Restaurant Grease Trap Service

A grease trap is mandatorily installed in commercial kitchens. Like other equipment, the grease trap collects all the solid debris that flows through it and hence, needs regular cleaning in order to remain functional and effective. While you can choose to perform grease trap cleaning by yourself, it is always better to outsource the job to a professional restaurant grease trap cleaning company. Here are four important reasons why.

# 1 – Do a thorough job of cleaning and inspection

You are most welcome to search up online videos or tutorials on how to clean commercial grease traps. But, unless you are well-versed with the drainage system, you may end up cleaning the trap in a less-than-satisfactory manner using not-so-efficient tools and methods. Or even cause damage to the parts due to negligence. A professional restaurant grease trap cleaning company, on the other hand, has the right know-how, equipment, expertise, and experience required to perform the cleaning task in a thorough manner. Also, the personnel inspects the system for faults or possible failures (broken filters, rusted walls, cracks or dents in the tank, and so on) that can flare up in the near future and leave the grease trap and your kitchen unusable.

Additionally, the cleaning task involves getting messy with foul-smelling food debris, grease, and other waste that get pushed down restaurant kitchens. This is something that most individuals cannot tolerate, and hence, the job is best left to professional service providers, who have the necessary equipment and protective gear required to do the job.

# 2 – Get rid of the debris in a safe and compliant manner

The solid waste that gets scraped off the filters in a grease trap cannot be dumped into the garbage or flushed down the drain like that. There are local laws governing the disposal of such oil and fat-containing wastes. Professional restaurant grease trap cleaning companies are well aware of this and carry necessary permits to dispose of the solid waste as per laws and in a hazard-free manner. Such services are a boon, especially if you are not aware of the laws or do not have the permits necessary to get rid of grease trap waste.

# 3 – Keep track of cleaning schedules

Running a busy restaurant is no walk in the park, and most often than not, you have your plate full with running kitchens efficiently, managing the staff, keeping customers happy, improving your business, and so on. Thanks to the workload, it is quite possible that you forget or miss the routine grease trap cleaning schedule. However, this negligence makes you non-compliant, especially if an inspector comes visiting and finds your restaurant lagging behind on the cleaning schedule. You may have to pay hefty fines or may even risk losing your license temporarily. A professional grease trap cleaning service company can be a savior here. Backed by professional experience, these folks help you maintain a routine cleaning schedule and ensure that you stick to it, to the T. This, in turn, keeps the restaurant kitchens running smoothly and the grease trap functioning uninterruptedly for a long time.

# 4 – Maintain necessary records and documents

Personnel from a local food safety or health departments, when they come visiting, require that you show them proof of a well-functioning grease trap. While they may choose to physically examine the drainage system and grease traps, they also require documents and records on when the parts were last cleaned, what kind of maintenance was performed, and so on. Professional cleaning companies can help with this aspect too. Every time they perform a scraping, scouring, and restoration job, alongside routine maintenance, they provide you with the necessary paperwork that dates and documents the tasks undertaken as part of the service. Such well-maintained records fetch you a place in the good books of the local authorities and help avert troubles like fines or license revocation.

Thus, engaging the services of a restaurant grease trap cleaning company can be beneficial for your kitchen’s grease trap and well as your restaurant business, in the long run.

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