This Summer, Sip the Smoothest Tequila in the East End

Do you want the smoothest of the smooth? When it comes to tequila, oh yes, you do. These days, tequila is for sipping.  This summer, take some time, step away from the party and have a moment to sip the smoothest tequila drinks that can be found in the east end.

You didn’t know that tequila was a sipping drink? Yes, it is. These tequila drinks are not the tequila drinks that you have had in the past. Tequila doesn’t have to be harsh, and it doesn’t need to be shot back with lime and salt. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that! It’s part of the fun! But, today, tequila can be sipped and enjoyed as you would the finest whiskey.

The taste of tequila can be a bit strong, but it gives such a feeling of warmth and comfort when it is drunk. That feeling starts off easily, and the glow builds from within, the more slowly the drink is taken in. This is because of the care and attention that went into the creation of those tequila drinks. The process of harvesting the agave is a long one, and the longer it takes, the better the final product.

What makes it smooth?

The best tequila is one that is triple distilled and contains at least 40% alcohol for a smooth taste. What makes it so smooth? It’s the length of time the agave was roasted, and it’s the number of distillery times. Two is minimum, but three is better.  A platinum tequila makes a great sipping cocktail, and it makes the smoothest tequila drinks out there at the barbecue, at the beach, or at a patio table on the east end.

Tequila drinks from the Anejo are absolutely divine. Some say that the taste is even smoother because the tequila has been barrel aged for over twelve months. It’s fabulous on the cooler summer evenings, when the warmth is just starting to fade and the evening mood is beginning to turn to nighttime.

Mango Tequila might be the one that brings the most fun. It boasts a rich, orange, tropical color, and with a little bit less alcohol at 32%, it is not quite as strong, but it is absolutely as enjoyable as any of the other sippingly delicious tequila drinks.

Tequila drinks are here for the party

Tequila will always be the ultimate party drink; it has that reputation. It has that bit of appeal to it no matter which of the tequila drinks you choose to make with it, whether you are mixing up a shot, a margarita, a mojito, or even a hot tequila toddy. In fact, there is hardly any mixed drink that can’t be made as well or even better with a smooth tequila. You can find the best recipes to make the best tequila drinks imaginable by looking online. These recipes definitely know what they are doing. Make a mojito with mint leaves, lime juice, a bit of grenadine, and two ounces of Cristalino tequila.

And for the chill

Take a little longer with your party this summer and see the tequila drinks that you choose in a different way. Tequila itself can be purchased in different price ranges and qualities, so it can be mixed or even enjoyed straight. Do yourself a favor, however, and look at some of very delicious recipes out there for mixing the tequila drinks; there is at least one for every taste and occasion.

Find the smooth no matter where you are

Finding the ultimate smooth tequila to make these fabulous summer tequila drinks is not hard. The smoothest sipping tequila on the east end can be seen and bought, no matter where you are. Order it online or see where they are serving it locally. You can be enjoying the smoothest sipping tequila no matter where you are. This summer, look at life in a new way and you won’t see tequila in the same way, either.

Don’t waste the summer on boring tequila drinks; choose the tequila drinks that have some life in them by choosing the best tequilas for the job. On the east end, or wherever you are, you deserve the best. That is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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