Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

There is something comforting about brewing the perfect cup of coffee manually. The process is the same and unique for each user at the same time. The process of brewing is more or less the same. But it can differ for each user due to the kind and quantity of coffee grounds and the type of the dripper used to brew the coffee. Hence, the process is the same yet different. So, it is important to use the perfect tools and coffee to get the brewing process right.

Here’s everything you need to know about ceramic pour over coffee maker.

The Dripper

The pour over coffee maker ceramic pot is best for everyday use. The ceramic won’t release toxins into the brew, unlike plastic. Ingesting such toxins is not only harmful in the long run; the chemicals will also alter the taste of the coffee. Ceramic also retains heat better than other materials such as metal and plastic.

The hole at the bottom of the dripper largely influences the intensity of the brew. A dripper with multiple tiny holes can easily get clogged with coffee grounds and interfere with the brewing process. The brew is going to get more intense in flavor if the speed of the water is slowed considerably due to the clog. One large hole is better than multiple tiny holes when it comes to pour over coffee maker ceramic pots. It won’t get clogged and the water can flow easily without any interruptions.

The angles of the walls need to be just right too. Angled walls help in the perfect blooming process by slowing the flow of water as it falls on the coffee grounds. The angled walls also need to have spirals to channel the water slowly on the coffee grounds. If the water is poured directly over the coffee; it won’t bloom and the brew won’t taste good.

The handle of the dripper must be comfortable to hold. It must be non-slippery. Choose the size of the dripper as per your needs. Choose one that can either brew one cup or two cups at a time only to retain the freshness of your coffee.

Make sure to buy the right filter as per the size of the coffee grounds. You can choose metal or paper as per your preference.

Buy the best coffee grounds that you can buy in your budget. Even the best of ceramic coffee dripper won’t brew a decent cup of coffee if the grounds are of poor quality.

The Steps for the Brewing Process

You will need to follow certain steps to make the perfect cup of coffee using a pour over coffee maker ceramic dripper.

Boil water and ensure its temperature is between 195-205 degrees F. Place a cone filter inside the dripper and place coffee grounds inside it. Measure 2 tbsp of grounds for every two ounces of water you will use. You can vary the quantity of the coffee if you feel you need a more intense or milder flavor.

Place a ceramic coffee mug or jug below the dripper. When using the dripper for the first time, try to check the balance of the two to ensure it won’t tumble over when in use. Place the cup on a flat surface and carefully fit the dripper over it.

Measure two ounces of water and pour it over coffee via directing it on the spirals inside the dripper. After an interval of 20 seconds, repeat the process at least two more times. Doing so will help the coffee grounds to bloom well. You can pour the rest of the water (if left) down the dripper.

Your coffee is ready!

The process of brewing coffee this way can seem a bit tedious at first. But it is not so. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to brew pour over coffee in a jiffy.

Keep varying the quantity of the coffee grounds for the first few cups you brew. It will help you balance the flavor as per your specific taste. Use a ceramic mug to enjoy your coffee to retain the brew’s heat and flavor.

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